Task Forces - EBAC/ESBN

  1. Task Force on Green Business
    Chair: Mr. Carson Wen, Director, Pacific Basin Economic Council
    EBAC Members:
    Mr. Felix Richard A. (RICKY) Cordova, President & CEO, Edward Marcs Phils Inc.
    Dr. LIU Xin, Managing Director, Energy and Environmental Development Research Center
    Mr. Thomas Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Asean CSR Network Ltd.
    Mr. Kosala Wickramanayake, Board Member, Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka
    Mr. George Yuen, Board Director, ICBC (China)
    ESBN Members:
    Mr. Bao Yu, Founder, Green China Lab
    Mr. Vincent Chan, CEO, Spring Capital Asia Limited
    Mr. Ivan Chu, Founder and Executive Director, HKSDRI
    Mr. Anthony Dixon, CEO, ASB Biodiesal (Hong Kong) Ltd.
    Mr. Haukur Hardarson, Founder & Chairman, Arctic Green Energy Corp.
    Mr. Bruce Hicks, Chairman, Asia Clean Capital Ltd.
    Mr. Simon Hua, Chairman, China Finance Strategies Investment Holdings Limited
    Mr. Evan Husney, Co-Founder and General Counsel, Nokero International Ltd.
    Ms. Catherine Kardinal, General Counsel, Siemens Ltd.
    Dr. Michael Kim, Managing Partner, Pine Tree Investment and Management
    Mr. Eetu Kuneinen, Director of Technology Strategy, Bank of Asia
    Mr. Rex Lai, Founder, CEO and Chairman, Shenzhen HiGreen Environmental Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Shan Li, CEO, Silk Road Finance Corporation
    Mr. Zhengjia Li, President, Huatian Power Co. Ltd.
    Mr. Raymond Lo, Founder and Principal, Cavendish Investment Corp. (CIC Group of Companies)
    Mr. Ben McQuhae, Partner, Jones Day
    Mr. Albert Oung, Founding Chairman and CEO, Green Inc. Group of Companies
    Mr. Gilad Regev, CEO, Windfire BV
    Mr. Thirach Rungruangkanokkul, Executive Director, Agriculture and Food Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific (AFMA)
    Mr. Jack Sim, Founder, World Toilet Organization
    Mr. Guruprakash Sastry, Regional manager – Infrastructure, Infosys Limited
    Ms. Kris Schneider, Member of Advisory Board, ISA TanTec Ltd
    Ms. Madeline Shen, Chairman & CEO, China Noble Wealth
    Ms. Emily Tong, Corporate Strategist, Global Investments & Resources Limited LLC
    Ms. Chuanrong Wang, Project Director and Senior Consultant, Application Européenne de Technologies et de Services (AETS)
    Mr. Kelei Wang, Executive Managing Director, Juno Capital Group
    Dr. William Yu, CEO, World Green Organisation (WGO)
    Dr. James Zhang, Venture Partner, Formation 8
    ESBN Advisor:
    Mr. Aidar Kazybayev, Managing Director, Astana International Financial Centre Authority
    Mr. Ian Satchwell, Director, International Mining for Development Centre

    Area of Focus:
    Optimizing the positive impacts of business on the environment and minimizing the negative ones


    • Identify and disseminate good practices on green business
    • Promoting the reduction of waste and the carbon foot print of businesses
    • Increasing use by businesses of renewable energy sources and maximizing energy efficiency
    • Improving recycling and re-use of resources by businesses
    • Increasing the use and production of environmentally sustainable product and services by businesses
    • Adoption of global sustainability platforms and instruments, including sustainability reporting by businesses
    • Identify and disseminate good practices on green business through cost-effective media such as Internet
    • Prepare check-list for SMEs to evaluate their compliance with “green” business practices
    • Identify projects/activities on green business for implementation by the Task Force
    • Identify commercial projects on green business
    • Contribute to improving governance and policies on green business
    • Raise awareness among stakeholders on the need for green business, the greening of business and the active role to be taken by business in this regard
  2. Task Force on Disaster and Climate Risk Reduction
    Chair: Mr. Asif Ibrahim, Vice Chairman, Newage Group of Industries
    EBAC Members:
    Mr. Rinchen Dorji, Chairman, RSA Pvt. Ltd
    Mr. Mirzan Mahathir, Chairman and CEO, Crescent Capital Sdn Bhd
    Mr. Tariq M. Rangoonwala, Chairman, Rangoonwala Group of Companies
    Mr. Takeshi Tamura, Chairman, Suite Pole Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Thomas Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Asean CSR Network Ltd.
    ESBN Members:
    Mr. Henry Ee, Founder and Managing Director, Business Continuity Planning Asia (BCP Asia)
    ESBN Advisor:
    Ms. Ferdaus Ara Begum, Chief Executive Officer (CEO, Business Initiative Leading Development (BUILD)
    Mr. Michael Greenslade, Trade Commissioner, Pacific Trade & Invest (PT & I), New Zealand
    Ms. Akiko Otani, Managing Director of R3ADY Asia-Pacific

    Area of Focus:
    Promotion of roles of private sector in disaster and climate risk reduction and building of resilience as guided by global and regional frameworks.

    Policy Drivers

    • Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 – 2030
    • Paris Agreement under the UNFCCC
    • 2030 Agenda for SDGs
    • ESCAP Resolution 71/12 on the Regional mechanisms for SFDRR


    • Raising awareness on the role of business in DRR & CCA
    • Promoting the DRR / CCA on investment and business processes
    • Identifying opportunities for addressing poverty and DRR & CCA
    • Advocating for better enabling environment
    • Promoting the resilience of businesses particularly SMEs in developing countries especially the LDCs, LLDCs, and SIDs

    Integrate DRR & CCA into development and business

  3. Task Force on Banking and Finance
    Chair: Mr. Lee George Lam, Chairman-Indochina, Myanmar and Thailand; Senior Adviser-Asia, Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (Hong Kong) Ltd.
    EBAC Members:
    Mr. Fuad Azim Hashimi, Executive Director, the Pakistan Business Council, Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business (CERB)
    Mr. Nitij Pal, Principal, ANDE + Co. Sydney
    Mr. Octavio B.Peralta, Secretary General, ADFIAP
    Mr. George Yuen, Board Director, ICBC (China)
    ESBN Members:
    Mr. Igor Borovikov, Director, Axion Holding Cyprus Ltd.
    Mr. James Cheng, Chief Executive Officer, Ceneric Asia Limited
    Ms. Corazon Conde, Group Head, ADFIAP Consulting
    Mr. Karan Kumar, Senior Manager, Risk Consulting, KPMG
    Mr. Peter Ming Hyn Leung, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
    Mr. Simon Mak, CEO, Ascent Partners Group Limited
    Mr. James Mak, Managing Director, Emerging Asia Capital Management Group
    Mr. Raghu Narain, Managing Director and Head of Sector Advisory for Asia Pacific, Royal Bank of Scotland
    Dr. Manuel Rybach, Managing Director, Credit Suisse Group AG
    Mr. Pok Wong, Investment and Finance Manager, SINO-CEEF Capital Management Company Limited
    Mr. Pat-Nie Woo, Director, KPMG
    ESBN Advisors:
    Mr. David Morris, Chief Representative, Pacific Islands Forum (China)

    Area of Focus:
    Promoting and mobilizing financial resources for inclusive and sustainable development, and encouraging banks and financial institutions to adopt responsible and sustainable business practices


    • Engaging banks and financial institutions in promoting inclusive and sustainable development
    • Promoting the availability of investment and working capital for social enterprises and enterprises headed by women and young people
    • Promoting the adoption of responsible business practices and corporate sustainability accounting by banks and financial institutions
    • Promoting the overall availability of finance for MSMEs, in particular those that are start-ups, green, and social SMEs
    • Promoting the engagement of private banks and financial institutions in funding development projects, including the provision of humanitarian and disaster relief assistance
    • Promotion and/or expansion of innovative mechanisms, such as crowd-funding and securitization, to ease and facilitate access to finance
    • Identification of good practices in responsible and sustainable banking and finance
    • Raise awareness and undertake policy advocacy in the area of responsible and sustainable banking and finance and the need for enhanced credit to MSMEs, in particular those that are start-ups by young people and women and those that are green
    • Undertake capacity development through training and demonstration projects
  4. Task Force on Digital Economy
    Prof. Barbara Meynert, Senior Advisor, Fung Group; Adjunct Professor, University of Hong Kong
    EBAC Members:
    Mr. Win Aung, Chairman/CEO, Dagon Group of Companies
    Mr. Pedro Eloy, Director Digital & IT, Fung Group; Founder businesslab, HKU MBA
    Mr. Carson Wen, Director, Pacific Basin Economic Council
    Mr. Michael Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer/Director, Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI)

    ESBN Members:
    Mr. Michael John Aumock, Director, Image Transforms / Millice (Thailand) Co ltd
    Jose (JEd) Cabanero, Director, AdQuant Media
    Mr. Bao Yu, Founder, Green China Lab
    Mr. Igor Borovikov, Director, Axion Holding Cyprus Limited
    Mr. Charles Chan, Chairman & CEO, Crowe Horwath (HK) CPA Limited
    Ms. Fumbi Chima, Chief Information Officer - Asia, Walmart
    Mr. Chenguang He, Executive Director, China Robotics Sports Working Committee
    Mr. Alex Medana, CEO, FinFabrik
    Mr. Joe Horn, Founder and CEO, Strategy 613
    Mr. Eetu Kuneinen, Director of Technology Strategy, Bank of Asia
    Capt. Aung Khin Myint, Chairman, Myanmar International Freight Forwarder’s Association (MIFFA)
    Mr. Raghu Narain, Managing Director and Head of Sector Advisory for Asia Pacific, Royal Bank of Scotland
    Mr. Sam Ng, Partner, Fundnel Pte. Ltd
    Mr. Albert Oung, Founding Chairman and CEO, Green Inc. Group of Companies
    Mr. T V Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Manipal Global Education Services PVT. Ltd.
    Mr. Alex Peng, Chief Strategy Officer, Microsoft (Greater China Region)
    Mr. PHANG Yew Kiat, Managing Director, Energy and Environmental Development Research Center
    Mr. Terrance Philips, Managing Director, Citi Private Bank
    Mr. Hendrick Sin, Founding and Managing Partner, China Prosperity Capital Fund & Co-founder and Vice Chairman, CMGE Group Limited
    Mr. Ian Stone, Director and Co-Owner, Franco Development Ltd
    Mr. Desmond Tay, Chief Executive officer, vCargo Cloud
    Mr. WANG Cheung Yue (Fred), Chairman, Salon Films (H.K.) Ltd.
    Ms. Haley Wang, Executive Director, Remark Media
    Dr. YAN Shi Xing, Chief Technology Officer, iGola
    Mr. Xiaochen Zhang, Founding Parnter, New Development Ventures
    ESBN Advisors:
    Mr. Baurzhan Bektemirov Managing Director, Astana International Financial Centre Authority

    Digital Economy Taskforce's key focus will be on "enhancing competitiveness by leveraging technology and digitization in developing economies, particularly in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (GMS). The Taskforce will address competitive enhancement at two levels: 1) at policy framework level working with select governments to expand technological competitiveness of the nation, 2) at the level of SMEs that can enhance firm-level competitiveness in a global marketplace.


    Rapid technological innovations and subsequent adoption of these new innovations in economic development are creating differentiation between competitiveness of nations. Countries that actively promote and use digitization in government affairs, trade development, financial services, industrial and manufacturing platforms are able to enhance overall national productivity.

    Technologically savvy populations in these nations position the country for higher growth and sustainable competitive advantage. Similarly, this phenomenon is replicated at firm level, where individual businesses can use technological solutions to make their production-to-end-distribution supply chains more competitive. Thus, enhancing SMEs' technological capabilities can serve as an enormous competitive tool as these SMEs compete in a global context.

    Finally, government and private sector working together can create an environment where leveraging digitization can create long-term productivity gains. Recognizing the above premise, the Taskforce has decided to champion this important initiative.


    Taskforce values are aligned with and draw their essence from United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the overarching value system. In addition, the individual projects will support and promote the “triple bottom-line” principles via the application of digital technologies to enhance social, environmental and economic performance i.e. People, Planet and Profit.

  5. Task Force on Innovation and Competitiveness
    Mr. Akash Bhavsar, Managing Director, Skyquest Technology Group
    ESBN Member:
    Mr. Daniel O'Connor, Consultant Principal, Xenex Consulting
    Ms. Maggie Gorse, Managing Director, Verlion Pte Ltd.
    Mr. Daniel Allen Grant, Senior Director and Head, External R&D Innovation, ANZ/Sg, Pfizer Australia
    Dr. Nirdesh Gupta, Head-IP Portfolio Management and Licensing, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
    Mr. Khang Lui, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Water4all Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., Singapore
    Mr. Samiran Mahapatra, Director, Open Innovation, Unilever, India
    Mr. Shree Nabar, President R&D, Pidilite Industries Ltd
    Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed, Director and COO, Center for Cellular and Molecular Platforms

    Area of Focus:
    Improving innovation, design and technology transfer and evelopment of enterprises, with focus on SMEs.

  6. Taskforce on Youth and Women Entrepreneurship
    Chair: Mr. Pedro Eloy, Director Digital & IT, Fung Group; Founder businesslab, HKU MBA
    EBAC Members:
    [Under recruitment]
    ESBN Members:
    Mr. Syed Musheer Ahmed, Board of Directors, FinTech Association of Hong Kong Limited
    Ms. Isabella Carvalho Silva, Head of Acceleration Program, Let’s Talk Payments
    Mr. Ivan Chu, Founder and Executive Director, HKSDRI
    Mr. Raphael Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder, Gobee.bike (Mysharedbike Ltd)
    Mr. Andreas Hipp, Founder and CEO, Incipio Private Limited
    Mr. Ronald Kwok, Partner Channel Development Manager, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited
    Mr. Miguel Lopes, VP Product Line Management Applications, Dialogic Inc.
    Mr. Alberto Carvalho Neto, President, AJEPC – Associação de Jovens Empresários Portugal-China
    Ms. Amy Pan, Co-Founder and CEO, Natives Limited
    Ms. Isabelle Paradis, President and Founder, HOT Telecom Inc.
    Mr. Laurent Timmermans, Founder and Managing Director, ATHENASIA Consulting Limited

    ESBN Advisor:
    Mr. André Brito, Associate Lecturer, Loughborough Design School, Loughborough University
    Mr. Laurence Tang, Project Coordinator, DreamCatchers, The University of Hong Kong

    Area of Focus:
    Promoting business leapfrogging and economic growth of young entrepreneurs from ESCAP Member States by establishing and expanding entrepreneurial ecosystems.

    Taskforce values, scope and modalities are intrinsically aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the overarching value system of ESBN.


    • Creating Opportunity Corridors (OCs) based in the Asia-Pacific and adjacent Silk Road regions and for those aiming at creating or developing a business therein, including value-based digital platforms to support young entrepreneurs activities
    • Creating, co-contributing and supporting Young Entrepreneurship programs that foster innovation, business opportunities, gender equality, environmental sustainability and social inclusiveness
    • Disseminating entrepreneurial best practices and business ethics in different entrepreneurial modalities
    • Enabling International connectivity hubs for a high-mobility, new generation of Young Entrepreneurs
    • Creating, enabling, leveraging from and supporting entrepreneurial-related Information networks to better support young entrepreneurs
    • Identifying and facilitating novel educational channels that promote ongoing education and professional development
    • Promoting the connection and active engagement of the business sector with young entrepreneurs through participation in taskforce activities and programs


    • Identifying key players in entrepreneurial value chains and connecting them to the taskforce ecosystem
    • Undertaking an active role in partnering and exploring joint opportunities with research institutes, policy / government / non-government bodies
    • Promoting entrepreneurial education programs from both offline Institutions and MOOCs
    • Defining, framing and supporting the drafting and dissemination of upcoming policies, procedures and best practices to promote entrepreneurship excellence
    • Exploring opportunities in public-private sector collaboration
    • Leveraging from digital technology tools to enable interaction and information dissemination of taskforce activities.
  7. Task Force on Agriculture and Food
    Mr. Thirach Rungruangkanokkul, Executive Director, Agriculture and Food Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific (AFMA)
    Mr. Peera Panasupon, President, PANA Coffee Co., Ltd.
    ESBN Members:
    Mr. Peter Batt, Principal consultant, Peter J Batt and Associates
    Mr. Andrew Jacka, Director, Spa Origins Co., Ltd
    Mr. Kompit Panasupon, Vice President, PANA Coffee Co., Ltd
    ESBN Advisor:
    Mr. Binu Cherian, Country Manager, India, HarvestPlus
    Mr. Mohd Desa Hj Hassim, Chief Executive Officer, International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet)
    Dr. Watcharas Leelawath, Director of Mekong Institute (MI)

    To mobilize “Sustainable Development Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, promote sustainable agriculture” through EBAC/ESBN networks, policy makers, agricultural and food organizations.


    • To gather, develop, demonstrate, and advocate successful agricultural and food sustainable models to Asia and the Pacific region through EBAC/ESBN networks, Agricultural Cooperatives, Public and Private sectors.
    • To identify and integrate food safety and food sovereignty practices to private agricultural and food knowledge management centers for policy makers, business sectors, and CSOs in Asia and the Pacific
    • To empower small holder farmers, small and medium food companies through food safety management, market accessibility, and sustainable food value chain.
    • To link urban markets for the best agricultural practices, agriculture and food technology, cost effective processing technology, food and labeling safety standards
    • To provide business consultancy on SDG 2 key targets and indicators for business partners.